Ultraseal Internaional’s Recyclable Sealants

Achieving a long-lasting and durable high quality surface finish often depends on the integrity of the part, to which the surface is applied. Underlying defects such as micro-porosity in a metal casting may not be immediately apparent but can lead to problems in the long term that will undermine a company’s reputation. For example, a finish could irreversibly deteriorate in the long term if corrosive chemicals seep into micro-porosities before it is applied, only to leach out again later and react with the coating. With its innovative recyclable sealants, Rexeal 100 and Ultraseal MX2,

Ultraseal International has led the world in finding solutions to the eternal problem of porosity in castings. Renowned for its breakthroughs and technical expertise.

Ultraseal has developed impregnation machinery that can be easily incorporated into a production line, including a system that encompasses chromate conversion.

Commissioned by international automotive supplier WABCO, the system combines pre-treatment, wash, vacuum dry, impregnation and chromate conversion into one, fully automated process line. Parts are packed only once and the impregnation ensures no acids are harboured within hidden micro-porosities, in the metal parts that will later leach out and compromise the chrome surface finish.

At the 12th International Foundry Trade Fair GIFA in Dusseldorf in June, Ultraseal will demonstrate its latest advance in machinery, which takes the recycling of sealant and water to the next level. The Rotational Impregnation System offers a fully closed loop effluent free system, incorporating Sealant Recycling via the ‘Sealant Recycling System’ connected to the cold wash module and ‘effluent free’ technology, on the hot cure module. A working example of the whole process will be operational at Ultraseal’s stand at GIFA.

Dr Mark Cross, Technical Director of Ultraseal, said: “Whereas previous technology systems would generate tens of thousands of gallons of water per day, this new technology does not even require a sewer connection and allows die-casters to impregnate in-house, regardless of local, state, federal or national water discharge limits and there is no waste water from the process. “An additional benefit is that the impregnation machine can now be operated continuously, with no daily or weekly downtime for draining and filling tanks. Operation can be maintained around the clock.”

Before this breakthrough, any hot cure tank had to be periodically drained and refilled, a process that could last many hours as the tank had to be allowed to cool down to meet health and safety regulations. The process is significantly cheaper to run than conventional non-recyclable sealant impregnation systems.

Ultraseal, a global company based in the UK, produces the only two recyclable sealants in widespread application, that are approved and certified to US Military Specification MIL-l-1 7563C (approval in Class 1 and 3) – Rexeal 100 and Ultraseal MX2. Rexeal 100 is a new generation of recyclable sealant, that can operate in temperatures ranging from -58°F to 428°F (-76°C to 220°C) and is particularly effective for parts that have to undergo thermal cycling such as engine and transmission castings. Ultraseal’s proud history of more than 40 years of innovation has won it an unrivalled customer base, including BMW, Delphi, Hyundai, Sanden, Toyota, VW, Valeo, Volvo and Harley-Davidson. Research and development is carried out at its headquarters in Coventry, UK and it has operations in the United States, India, Japan and China, with a further 20 agents/distributors around the world. Ultraseal’s commitment to innovation extends to its partnership with the Aoki Science Institute in Japan, which invented the Lubrolene series of oil-based, water-free die-casting lubricants that suppress the formation of porosities in castings. They will be co-exhibiting at GIFA. Ultraseal has the sole European distribution rights for the Lubrolene WFR series and the electrostatic WFR-EC series.

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